Monday, February 13, 2017

Letter to Pat Toomey - Feb. 1, 2017

Senator Pat Toomey
100 W. Station Square Dr.

Suite 225Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Dear Senator Toomey,

Your voicemail box is full, so I’m writing instead. This is a dire time for America, and you will be hearing from me for four years if that is how long this presidency lasts.

Please consider changing your position on the unconstitutional Muslim ban. It legitimizes religious discrimination by the executive branch of the government, and we have to stand up and refuse to let America go back in time. It also endangers America’s position in the world, threatening our troops by breaking promises to citizens of other countries who helped them in the battlefield as translators and fixers. Finally, it creates a cultural climate that condones xenophobia, exacerbates racial tension and escalates hate crime.

Secondly, the citizens of the United States have not forgotten about Donald Trump’s tax return. I have at least a dozen relatives from the middle of PA (mostly Berks Co.) who voted for him, but still believe that he should release his tax returns. They bought the audit story for a while, but now they’re catching on.

This is an historic time in the United States. Many of us believe that Donald Trump’s days in office are numbered, but the outstanding question is: how long it will take our representatives in government to act on behalf of the American people? Will we have a democracy left when it is all over?

Please, be on the right side of history. Oppose Donald Trump and his dangerous policies.

Educator & Concerned Citizen

P.S. I love my sanctuary city, and we were much safer before Jan. 20. Hands off!


To learn more about how YOU, reader, can fight back against Republican extremism, check out the Indivisible Guide. It was written by Obama White House staffers, and modeled after the ways in which the Tea Party worked against him throughout his Presidency. It's our turn. 

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