Monday, February 13, 2017

Letter to Bob Casey - Feb. 4, 2017

Senator Bob Casey
2000 Market St # 1870,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Dear Senator,

Thank you for standing against the Muslim ban. It is unconstitutional on multiple points, beyond being careless and cruel. If we’re not careful, the United States of America is going to go back in time.

Our new president is pushing the limits of the constitution beyond the breaking point. We need all Democratic representatives at every level of government to actively work against every injustice he proposes. Many are worried that he is pushing so far so that even when he is opposed, we will still land on the wrong side of justice.

Please speak out against the following three priorities, in addition to continuing to hold the administration’s feet to the fire regarding the #Muslimban. I know that it’s a lot to keep track of, but we must keep energy high and not stand aside and give our democracy to a demagogue.

First, resist any attempt to destroy or disassemble Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule, which protects the American people from another runaway financial crisis. We don’t want to bail out the banks with our tax dollars any more.

Second, please speak out against the appointment of Betsy DeVos. She’s a terrible idea for Philadelphia, for Pennsylvania, and for the nation. I know because I’ve been doing the work of education – and paying attention to the politics of it – for 15 years longer than she has.

Third, continue to insist upon Trump’s release of his tax returns. This first of his crimes against American ethics, norms and traditions,  can still be the reason that we ultimately ensure that he has less than a 4-year term in office.

When you resist Trump, you are representing me as a constituent. Thank you in advance for doing everything you possibly can in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Let’s ensure this administration is as brief and painless as possible.


To learn more about how YOU, reader, can fight back against Republican extremism, check out the Indivisible Guide. It was written by Obama White House staffers, and modeled after the ways in which the Tea Party worked against him throughout his Presidency. It's our turn. 

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