Monday, January 2, 2017

Hey Hetero!

This photo exhibit by Tina Fiveash is today's (first) gem. It's been circulating somewhere on earth since 2001, and was translated into Greek last year for an exhibit in Athens.

I can't imagine kissing my love openly on the streets of New York, let alone the streets of Athens.

My two trips to Greece were in 2001 and 2002. Culturally, they still had that Mediterranean machismo going on. I was repelled by the men and their comments, liberties and assumptions more times than I can count.

Much has changed in Greece since my last visit: the debt crisis, instability within the EU and the Syrian refugee crisis.

It's interesting that Hey Hetero! came to Greece at the height of political upheaval. In Greece, rooted in Socratic Method and so proud of its philosophical tradition, is it possible that it took instability of this pitch to begin breaking down decades-old misogyny and heteronormative thinking?

Or is that silver lining a little too easy?

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